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Since ancient times, the classic look of marble has projected elegance and strength. It is no wonder that designers and manufacturers have mimicked the look for so long.

Nemo Tile + Stone

With the look of real marble and the resilience and hard-wearing nature of porcelain, Marvel is the perfect alternative to marble, according to the company. Available in a multitude of sizes including mosaics, 3D patterns and large slabs in both polished and matte finishes, Marvel combines the amazing look of marble with sturdy, low-cost porcelain that’s denser and less porous than the real thing.

“Marvel Pro is a continuation of Nemo Tile + Stone’s Marvel line, which is a porcelain collection that replicates natural stone looks,” said Katie Michael-Battaglia, design director at Nemo Tile & Stone. “There are various stone species, and Marvel Pro offers an increased selection of sizes, finishes and designs to meet the demand for a variety of marble looks, which are highly popular in metropolitan areas, but with a much more cost-efficient alternative. The beauty of porcelain collections is that they are much easier to install and provide more durability, and there’s also the added benefit of being stain resistant, which is not the case with natural stone.”

Globally influenced, each color of Marble Folio Porcelain translates the unique details and beauty of the natural marble it is named for into porcelain tile. Each of the six colors has a distinct graphic inspired by marble found around the world, from the bardiglio of Brazil to the statuary of Italy to Spain’s marfil.

“Marble Folio, another porcelain alternative to stone and marble that we carry, is offered in both a matte or polished finish and is made in the U.S., increasing its sustainable properties,” said Michael-Battaglia.

Parterre Flooring

Classique Pure is part of Parterre Flooring’s HardCore Luxury Vinyl Tile collection. The soft, marbled pattern of Classique mirrors natural, Carrara marble found in the quarries of Tuscany, which was often the material of choice used to build ancient structures and statues. From the Old World to the present, Classique’s white palette and linear, blue-gray veining makes for a smooth design that is ideal to accentuate today’s colors and accents.

“Marble is a timeless design choice,” said Parterre designer Roche FitzGerald. “The marbled pattern of Classique works well in all industries, consistently looking fresh no matter the time that has passed or the setting.”

Art Deco, a style of symmetrical and decorative art and architecture, thrives in Parterre Flooring’s HardCore Decoluxury vinyl tile design selection. With inspiration drawn from renowned buildings like the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building, Deco’s linear, marbled pattern speaks out to a post-war era when culture began flourishing again.

“Deco is a play off of Art Deco, and was born from a festival, a Universal Exposition in Paris after WWI, when the world started feeling good again,” said FitzGerald. “Deco is fun, happy and from an era when everyone had a good time—that quintessential Great Gatsby kind of feel.”


Paradigm Trends

The Icon Collection by Paradigm Trends pairs faux marble with wood to create a contemporary set of bathroom essentials, including a tissue box, a wastebasket, a cotton ball holder, a tray, a soap dish, a lotion pump and a toothbrush holder. The faux marble and wood simultaneously make a statement, yet complement any bathroom interior.

“Marble countertops and flooring are a beautiful addition to any bathroom; however, marble accessories can be too heavy and impractical,” said Jeanne Lissak, SVP, Paradigm Trends. “As such, we were inspired to create a faux marble bathroom accessory line that would provide the same aesthetic and residential-inspired detail as real marble. Our Icon Collection is lightweight, makes a beautiful statement and complements any bathroom interior.”


Inspired by free-flowing patterns and rich textures of the spontaneous movements of water, Splash! incorporates gentle lines to create captivating forms, and the new Emulsion tile pattern is no different. The new design creates a marbled mural, with a mixed color palette that translates seamlessly into any space. Moreover, tile’s inherent reliability ensures that the piece is built to last through all kinds of wear-and-tear.

“Emulsion, which is the newest addition the Artaic Splash! Collection, was inspired by flowing water and the textures that come with it,” said Ted Acworth, founder/CEO of Artaic. “Our designers used natural lines and forms to create a sense of marbling. With tile, Emulsion murals are built to withstand wear-and-tear, allowing for a bit more durability than traditional marble.”


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