Marble, Onyx, Granite, Travertine and many other types of natural stone can be used to make a bathroom sink. Natural stone sinks by now have become necessary addition for modern households. They are not used for just their functionality but also to incorporate nature into a space and bring unique sense of appeal. When you are thinking of having natural stone countertops or sinks, it is preferable to be furnished with the right information regarding the good and bad that comes with it. That way, you are better equipped with the knowledge on how to better care for and maintain natural stone products.

Beautiful stone is particularly sourced from the hillside, mountain rock and river beds. It takes thousands of years to form. Different materials go through constant physical and chemical processes to ultimately become stone. A small chunk is carefully separated from the source and processed into an end product. No single piece of stone is exactly the same as the other despite being sourced from the same place.

Durable and strong 

Due to years spent under immense pressure, natural stone is extremely durable. It is very hard to cut or dent. Natural stone sinks are left unscathed by destructive agents such as high or low temperatures, humidity, pests, and rust. If the stone is properly sealed, it is pretty much going to last for hundreds of years. There have been numerous discoveries made of natural stone objects from ancient ruins still intact after thousands of years.

Easy to maintain 

A good natural stone sink is one that is properly sealed and polished. This is not only meant to bring shine but to also protect the sink against staining, cracking and chipping due to water damage. It is therefore very easy to clean and maintain. Wiping every now and then with a damp cloth is pretty much all it takes to remove accumulated dust and dirt. Every few years, be sure to find a professional to inspect and seal your stone sink to avoid incurring unforeseen costs brought by water damage.

Highly resistant 

Stone is a poor conductor of heat. This means that high temperatures or humid climate cannot contribute to the destruction of your stone sink. On the other hand, one may be warned from using, bleach, acid or certain detergents to clean or work on a particular type of sink. However, you don’t need to worry about that with a natural stone sink because it is highly resistant.


Depending on one’s preference, a homeowner can adopt a small modern round prep sink or go for a farmhouse style sink to match the entire theme of the house. A farmhouse sink has a rough texture that looks to preserve the original state of the natural stone as it was sourced. On the other hand, one can have natural stone carved and chipped, into the round, square or rectangular shapes to better complement and bring out detail and enhance appearance.

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