Questions that will help you choose the material for your bathroom sink : Is it a quality material? What maintenance is required? What are the possibilities of matching my bathroom? Here you will find information on all the different materials available . Choose the one for you!

1. The Ceramic

        Did you know that ceramic materials such as porcelain or stoneware , are obtained by vitrification . This means that different minerals are baked in an oven at high temperatures , while continuing to apply glaze.

         Ceramic basin, a classic among classics, it is known for its lasting shine and pure white. A colour that remains unchanged to products such as bleach . A high percentage of these basins are recyclable so contributing to caring for the environment as well as being resistant to scratches. If you want something simple , this is your sink. The colours are limited, but you can find a model with decorative motifs or if you prefer a matte finish.

Advice. It is a fragile material , so it is advisable to pay special attention when handling.

2. Acrylic

        Did you know, Acrylic is a thermoplastic material , or what is the same, heat pliable. This synthetic material is normally composed of an acrylic layer , and reinforced with fiberglass or polyurethane.

        Acrylic sinks are known for their lightness and also have a glossy finish. Thanks to the development of different compounds as Parapan or Duralight , today these sinks are functional and decorative. Resistant to scratches. They are also easily recyclable.

Advice. Do not allow high heat, cigarettes or flames come into contact with this product, as it will become deformed by heat. Also pay attention to the use of nail polish and nail polish remover as they contain acetone and lanolin and this could affect the acrylic surface.

3. Mineral lacarga

     Did you know, that the sink mineral filler in addition to being composed of minerals, also contains resins and additives. This mixture is pigmented throughout , thus providing a colour similar to that of the surface.

     These sinks are less shiny than the porcelain finish, but are warm to the touch and resistant to shocks. Offering numerous possibilities when decorating your bathroom with its original and avant-garde forms, as well as different textures, colors and sizes. Among its qualities is it´s resistance to cleaning products and even solvents.

Do not forget. If the sink becomes scratched you do not need to worry as repair of any scratch is very easy to repair.

4. The artificial stone

     The artificial stone basin is made of cement and small stones. Giving your bathroom an industrial , informal and innovative style. It is a stong material, but less common in homes. Pay special attention to cleaning products, especially to acids , since they may cause some unwanted effects.

5. Tempered glass

     Security tempered glass is subjected to a process of verification, as with ceramics. Cristal sinks are easy to clean but at the same time, require more cleaning because they get dirty easily. When decorating your bathroom, you can choose between numerous shapes and colours, plus matte or crystal finish. Giving your bathroom an original or elegant touch.

Note. With the glass option ,the edge of the sink will appear green.

6. Natural stone

     Natural stone sinks are made from materials such as marble , slate or granite. It is less resistant to shock and heavier materials . Depending on the type of stone, these sinks can give your bathroom a colonial, elegant or rustic look . In addition each basin is unique, either by variations in porosity , texture or colour. You can choose different shapes or as manufacturers, it is possible to tailor it your individual requirements. As for cleanliness, it is true that it requires more maintenance due to the porosity of the stone, so it has limited resistance to cleaning products.

Advice. Take special care with possible stains, such as rust which can be caused by leaving low quality metal products wet on the surface.

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